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Welcome Remarks

Patrick C. McCulloch, MD

SESSION I: Research & Leadership
Opening Remarks and Presidential Handover

William G. Raasch, MD

Patrick C. McCulloch, MD

“The Ulnar Collateral Ligament Responds to Stress in professional Pitchers”

Peter Chalmers, MD

“Variability in baseball Throwing Metrics During a Structured Long-Toss Program: Does One Size Fit All or Should Programs Be Individualized”

Christopher Camp, MD

“Acute Effects of Weighted Baseball Throwing Programs on Shoulder Range of Motion”

Mike Reinhold, DPT

Q&A and voting, Research Award Winner

Christopher A. Ahmad, MD

Patrick C. McCulloch, MD

Mark S. Schickendantz, MD

Introduction to Yocum Lectureship

Patrick C. McCulloch, Md

Yocum Lectureship: Principles of Performance

Christopher S. Ahmad, MD

Introduction to Jobe Lectureship

Patrick C. McCulloch, MD

Jobe Lecture – The Power of Team

Kathleen M. Weber, MD, MS

Epidemiology of Covid in MLB

Ali S. Khan, MD, MPH, MBA

Covid Cardiac Study in Pro Sports

Gary A. Green, MD

Panel Discussion #1: Covid Planning Strategies for 2021: What to Expect

Gary A. Green, MD

Patrick C. McCulloch, MD

Jonathan D. Coyles

David Brett-Major, MD, MPH

Paul Smith, MD

M. Jana Broadhurst, MD, PhD, DTM&H

Ross Mathiasen, MD

John Martin-Lowe, PhD

Adam Olsen, AT

PBATS Award/Gift Presentation

TPA Matching Award/Gift

Ronald J. Porterfield, AT

William G. Raasch, MD

SESSION II: Controversies in Management (vertical integration from ATC, MD, PT, SCSC)
Panel Discussion #2: Hamstring Injury Management – Diagnosis, Treatment, Rehab, Prevention

Patrick C. McCulloch, MD

Mark S. Schickendantz, MD

Edward Snell, MD

Ryan DiPanfilo

Christopher Camp, MD

Nick Kenny, ATC

Austin Driggers, CSCS

Panel Discussion #3: Partial UCL Tear

Patrick C. McCulloch, MD

Steven Cohen, MD

Keith Meister, MD

Jeff Blum, PT

Ken Akizuki, MD

Regan Wong, PT

George Paletta, MD

Panel Discussion #4: The Use of Weighted Balls

Patrick C. McCulloch, MD

George Paletta, MD

Glenn S. Fleisig, PhD

Michael M. Reinold, PT, DPT, SCS, ATC, CSCS

Stan Conte, PT, DPT, ATC

Brandon Erickson, MD

Brad Scott, CSCS, ATL

Wrap up/Business Mtg Announcements/CME/Recording access

Patrick C. McCulloch, MD