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Course Presentations

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Day 1 – Thursday, Jan 21

Session: WELCOME
DVT Prophylaxis in Foot & Ankle SurgerySteven Steinlauf, MD
Multimodal Pain Management in Foot & Ankle SurgeryCraig Radnay, MD

Day 2 – Friday, Jan 22

Session: TRAUMA
Pilon FXJohn Ketz, MD
Atypical Ankle FX/Posterior Malleolus FXMichael Clare, MD
Calcaneus FX: My Extensile Lateral TricksSamuel Flemister, MD
Calcaneus FX: My Small Incision TricksMichael Swords, DO
Calcaneus FX: My Small Incision TricksSteven Steinlauf, MD
Lisfranc Injuries:ORIFMichael Swords, DO
Lisfranc Injuries: Primary Arthrodesis John Ketz, MD
ORIF Syndesmosis/Fibular/Syndesmosis MalunionsMichael Clare, MD
Neuropathic Ankle FXSteven Steinlauf, MD
Calcaneal MalunionSamuel Flemister, MD

Day 3 – Saturday, Jan 23

Session: SPORTS
Lateral Ankle Instability: Tips for Primary Repair and Secondary ReconstructionMark Drakos, MD
Surgical Management of Acute and Chronic Peroneal Tendon Tears and InstabilityMichael Swords, DO
Treatment of Medical Ankle Instability and Deltoid Ligament ReconstructionRobert Anderson, MD
Tips and Techniques for Successful Arthroscopic Management and Marrow Stimulation of OLTsMark Drakos, MD
Osteotomies, Releases and Other Tricks for Access to the Talus for Osteochondral TransferCraig Radnay, MD
How to Treat Large OLTs: Structural Grafts and Other OptionsSamuel Flemister, MD
Cartilage Resurfacing: What is the Evidence?John Ketz, MD
High Level Athletes with OLTs: Practical Advice to Get Them Back onto the FieldRobert Anderson, MD
Plantar Plate, Turf Toe and Injuries to the Sesamoid Complex: How Can We Treat These Patients and Get Them Back Fast?Robert Anderson, MD
Surgical Management of 5th Metatarsal Base Fractures and Nonunions: When to Operate and When to Return to Play?Michael Clare, MD
Surgical Management of Navicular Stress FracturesMark Drakos, MD
Treatment of Achilles Tendon Rupture: Non-Op, Open, Percutaneous, ChronicCraig Radnay, MD