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Overview of HITS – John D’Angelo
Following UCLR, professional baseball position players return to play faster than pitchers, but catchers return less frequently – Christopher Camp, MD
Epidemiology of UCLR in Major and Minor League Baseball pitchers: comprehensive report of 1428 Cases – Stephen Fealy, MD
Effect of predraft UCLR on future performance in Professional baseball: A Matched Cohort Comparison – Christopher Ahmad, MD
Comparison of Outcomes based on graft type and tunnel configuration for primary UCLR in Professional Baseball Pitchers – Timothy Griffith, MD
Revision UCL reconstruction in Professional baseball: Current Trends, surgical techniques, and Outcomes – Timothy Griffith, MD
Open Reduction Internal Fixation of medial epicondyle fractures after UCLR in professional baseball pitchers – Brandon Erickson, MD
Variations in Blood Supply from Proximal to Distal in the Ulnar Collateral Ligament of the Elbow: A Qualitative Descriptive Cadaveric Study – Michael Ciccotti, MD
MRI of non-operatively treated Elbow UCL injuries in Professional Baseball Players: Outcomes by Tear Grade and Location – Michael Ciccotti, MD
Hamstring Injury Trends on Major and Minor League Baseball – Christopher Ahmad, MD
Performance and return to sport following ACL reconstruction in Professional baseball players – Christopher Ahmad, MD
Professional advancement and performance of amateur baseball players entering the Major League baseball draft after ACL reconstruction, minimum 7 year follow-up – John D’Angelo
Getting hit by pitch in professional baseball: Analysis of injury patterns, risk factors, concussions, and days missed for batters – Christopher Camp, MD
Summative report on time out of play for major and minor league baseball: An analysis of 49,955 injuries from 2011 thru 2016 – Christopher Camp, MD
Time out of play due to medical illness in Major and Minor League baseball: An analysis of 8,834 illnesses – James Kinderknecht, MD
Incidence and return to play after biceps tenodesis in Professional Baseball Players – Anthony Romeo, MD
Epidemiology and impact of hand and wrist injuries in major and minor league baseball – Steven Shin, MD
Performance and return to sports following latissimus dorsi and teres major tears in professional baseball pitchers – Anthony Romeo, MD
Performance and return to sports following ulnar nerve decompression/transposition in professional baseball players – Brandon Erickson, MD
Performance and return to sports following rtc surgery in professional baseball players – Peter Chalmers, MD
Epidemiology of shoulder surgery in professional baseball players – Peter Chalmers, MD


Role of Biceps Tenodesis in the Overhead Throwing Athlete – Anthony Romeo, MD
Traumatic Shoulder Case Presentation
Jobe Lecture: The Role of the Medical Team Physician – Craig Young, MD
Risk and Benefits of Weighted Ball Programs – Glenn Fleisig, PhD
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Case Presentation
UCL Internal Bracing: An Update – George Paletta, Jr, MD
Cardiovascular Screening in Professional Athletics – David Shipon, MD
Cardiac Cases
Yocum Lecture: Meniscus Injuries – Charles Bush-Joseph, MD
Recovery – Jeff Krushell, BPE
The Quantified Athlete: A Critical Appraisal – Scott Sheridan, MS
Core Muscle Injuries/FAI Pearls with Focus on Rehab – Struan Coleman, MD
Concussion Update with ARS Cases – Alex Valadka, MD
Setup Relief – Medical – Kathy Weber, MD