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SESSION I: Pain of Spinal Origin- Degenerative Pathologies 
Pathophysiology of Degenerative Spinal Disorders – Jean Jacques Abitbol, MD, FRCSC
Evaluation of Pain of Spinal Origin: Physical Exam and Provocative Testing – Norman Chutkan, MD
Imaging in the Diagnosis of Pain of Spinal Origin – Tom Gilbert, MD
SI Joint Pathology: Evaluation and Management – David Polly, MD
Management of the Symptomatic Lumbar Intervertebral Disc: Arthrodesis – Michael Smith, MD
Management of the Symptomatic Lumbar Intervertebral Disc: Arthroplasty – Jeff Goldstein, MD
Management of the Symptomatic Lumbar Intervertebral Disc: Regenerative Approaches – Marc Weinstein, MD
Case Presentation and Discussion – Pierce Nunley, MD
SESSION II: Update on Deformity
Scoliosis is a Sign, Not a Disease – Tom Errico, MD
Appropriate use of Surgery in Adult Deformity – David Polly, MD
Alignment Goals: Role of Anterior Surgery ALIF  – Cliff Tribus, MD
Alignment Goals: Role of Lateral Approach – Aaron Buckland, MD
Alignment Goals: Role of Posterior-based Osteotomies – Aaron Buckland, MD
Strategies for Pelvic Fixation: Indications and Techniques – David Polly, MD
UIV: Choice of Levels and Strategies to Avoid Proximal Junctional Pathology – Sigurd Berven, MD, PhD, FACS
Case Presentation with Discussion – Tom Errico, MD
Moderator: Open vs MIS surgery – Pierce Nunley, MD

MIS Surgery – Pro – Roger Hartl, MD

Open Surgery – Pro – Michael Smith, MD

Rebuttals and Discussion – Pierce Nunley, MD

Moderator: Posterior Only Surgery vs Combined Anterior and Posterior Surgery for Obeid 2 Curve – Sigurd Berven, MD, PhD, FACS

Posterior-Only surgery- Pro – Tom Errico, MD

Combined Anterior and Posterior Surgery – Jeff Goldstein, MD

Rebuttals and Discussion – Sigurd Berven, MD, PhD, FACS


SESSION III: Cervical Spine
Evaluation of the Patient with Cervical Radiculopathy and Myelopathy – Rick Sasso, MD
Moderator: Cervical Radiculopathy  – John Small, MD

Cervical Arthroplasty Pro – Jean Jacques Abitbol, MD, FRCSC

Rebuttals and Discussion – John Small, MD

Moderator: Cervical Myelopathy – Eric Woodard, MD

Anterior Decompression and Fusion Pro – Jonathan Stieber, MD

Cervical Laminoplasty Pro – Cliff Tribus, MD

Rebuttals and Discussion – Eric Woodard, MD

Cervical Decompression and Fusion – Rick Sasso, MD
The Future of Value-based Care in Spine Surgery – Farhan Siddiqi, MD
SESSION IV: New Technologies in Spine Surgery
Navigation Strategies in Spine Surgery – Roger Hartl, MD
Robotics in Spine Surgery – Jonathan Stieber, MD
Update on Osteobiologics – Norman Chutkan, MD
 AI and it’s Potential in Spine Surgery – Eric Woodard, MD
Industry Panel on Challenges in Development of New Technologies – Jean Jacques Abitbol, MD, FRCSC
Ambulatory Care Centers in Spine Surgery – Pierce Nunley, MD
Reimbursement Reform: Bundled Payments in Spine Surgery – Sigurd Berven, MD, PhD, FACS


SESSION V: Spinal Cord injury
Spinal Cord Injury: Pathophysiology – Emmanuel Menga, MD
Evidence for Early Decompression – Eric Woodard, MD
Pharmacologics in Spinal Cord Injury – Richard Fessler, MD, PhD
Stem Cell Transplantation for Acute SCI: Two-year Results of the SCIStar Trial – Richard Fessler, MD, PhD
Polymers in Spinal Cord Injury – Eric Woodard, MD
Complications in Spine Surgery: Classification, Prevalence and Impact – Andrew Utter, MD
Risk Stratification and Predictive Modeling in Spine Surgery – Aaron Buckland, MD
System Reform: Preoperative Optimization Protocols – Marc Weinstein, MD
Incidental Bone Density on Routine Preoperative CT Scans of the Spine – Tom Gilbert, MD
System Reform: Intra-operative and Post-operative Care Protocols – Emmanuel Menga, MD
Complications in Multilevel Surgery in Elderly Patients with Spinal Deformity – Michael Venezia, DO
Maximum Spinous Process Tensions for Junctional Tethers – Jeffrey Mullin, MD
Patient Satisfaction After Surgical Management of Adult Spinal Deformity: MIS vs Open Techniques – Won Hyung Andrew Ryu, MD
Does Adding Bone Mineral Density to GAP Score Help Predict Mechanical Failure in Adult Spinal Deformity Surgery? – Ryan Joseph Hoel, MD
Radiographic and Clinical Outcomes Following TLIF vs ALIF for Single Level Degenerative Disc Disease – Ziev Ben Moses, MD
Does Spinopelvic Parameters Matter in Short-segment Posterior Lumbar Spinal Fusion? A Meta-Analysis – Lee Onn Chieng, MD
ERAS Pathway Following 1-Level Lumbar TLIF Decreases LOS and Opioid Use. – Mena G Kerolus, MD
Evaluation of Limited Screw Density Constructs for anterior Posterior Lumbar Fusions – Michael Hawk Cronin, DO
Salvage Percutaneous Vertebral Augmentation for Loosened Pedicle Screws – Nadar Delavari, MD
Long Segment Lumbar Fusions: Is it Feasible to Stop at the Sacrum? – Ryan Khanna, MDMSCI
Multi-level Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression: Clinical Efficacy and Durability – Hani Malone, MD
Effect Of Prophylactic C4-5 Dtrax Placemebt IN Multi -Level – Kimberly Brooke Ashayeri, MD
Risk Factors for Revision Surgery Following 1-2 Level Lumbar Fusions – Keviork Hindoyan, MD
Expandable Lateral Lumbar Interbody Fusion for L4-5 Spondylolisthesis – Anthony Bozzio, MD
Zero-Profile Cervical Anchored Interbody Devices Show High Rates of Fusion with Minimum One Year Follow-Up – Benjamin Streufert, MD
Safe and Improved Decompression Using a New Device in Open and Minimal Invasive Approaches – John Peloza, MD