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DAY 1 –THURSDAY, MAY 14, 2015

Session I: Foot/Ankle I
When to Fix Posterior Malleolus and Deltoid
Anish R. Kadakia, MD
Update on Calcaneus Brian Abell, DO
Talus Fractures: From Fixation to the Avascular Healed Anish R. Kadakia, MD
The Syndesmosis: Is it that Important and Why? Michael Quackenbush, DO
Lisfranc/Midfoot Injuries: Update Anish R. Kadakia, MD
Management of the Soft Tissues Brian Abell, DO
Ankle Fractures: New Techniques for the Common Ones John Chao, MD
The Latest on Gastroc/Achilles Tears
John Chao, MD
5 Most Common Post Traumatic Complaints: And What to Do John Chao, MD
Session II: Foot/Ankle II
Syndesmotic Injuries: So Many Opinions, What Do I Need to Know?
Anish R. Kadakia, MD
The Truth About Gastroc Recession and Foot Problems Craig Camasta, DPM
Common Forefoot Problems and Treatment Craig Camasta, DPM
The When, How, Why of Exifx and Fibula in Pilon Fractures William Min, MD
Debate: Distal Tibia Fractures Should be Plated Jason Lowe, MD
Debate: Distal Tibia Fractures Should be Nailed William Reisman, MD
Case Presentation
Jason Lowe, MD

Day 2 – FRIDAY, MAY 15, 2015

Session III: Pediatrics & Adult
Sports Injuries in the Child and Adolescent
Steven Kane, MD
Ankle Fractures in Children
Dana Olszewski, MD, MPH
Wrist/Forearm Fractures in Children
Dana Olszewski, MD, MPH
What Brings Your Child in Today? Common Orthopaedic Presenatations Michael Schmitz, MD
Latest in Evidence Based Treatment for Pediatric Orthopaedics Michael Schmitz, MD
Proximal Humerus Fractures in the Non-Elderly Adult Jason Lowe, MD
Geriatric Proximal Humerus Fractures – Fix ‘Em Phani Dantuluri, MD
Geriatric Proximal Humerus Fractures – Replace ‘Em Steven Kane, MD
Geriatric Proximal Humerus Fractures – Leave ‘Em Be
Doug Lundy, MD
Clavicle and AC Injuries: Update
Phani Dantuluri, MD
Session IV
Technical Tips for Nailing and Plating Humeri William Reisman, MD
Olecranon Fractures: When Tension Banding is Not Gonna Work Snehal Dalal, MD
Evidence Based Treatment of Distal Radius Joshua Ratner, MD
Distal Ulna Fractures: When and How to Fix Snehal Dalal, MD
Schaphoid Fractures: Update
Joshua Ratner, MD
Session V
Medical Legal Environment: Malpractice and Liens Doug Lundy, MD
Industry Update: Generics, Repless, and Coyotes. What’s Worse? Robert Harris, MD
Billing Tips and Tricks for Fracture Treatment
William Min, MD
Minimizing Overhead Doug Lundy, MD
Physician-Hospital Alignment Alex Bateman
Preparing for Bundled Care Mark Baker
Keynote: Bending the Cost Curve at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Shantanu Agrawal, MD
Session VI
Physician Alignment and Bundled Care Christopher McBride
Osteoporosis: Update and the Role of Orthopaedics Lawrence Webb, MD
PQRS and Fragility Programs: What it Means for Us William Min, MD
Getting Gramma Ready for Surgery: No Such Thing as Clearance Martin Austin, MD
The Value of Hospitalist Programs Bedri Yusef, MD
Variables in Disposition: Why is Gramma Still Here, You Ask? William Min, MD

Day 3 – SATURDAY, MAY 16, 2015

Session VII: Hip and Femur
Femoral Neck Fractures in Gramma: THA Jeffrey Garrett, MD
Femoral Neck Fractures in Gramma: Hemi William Rosenblum, MD
Peritrochanteric Fractures: Tips and Tricks John Floyd, MD
Femoral Shaft: Tips and Tricks for Nailing Thomas Moore, Jr., MD
Distal Femur: Tips and Tricks for Fixation (ORIF and IM Nails) William Reisman, MD
Periprosthetic Fractures: Hip John Floyd, MD
Periprosthetic Fractures: Knee John Floyd, MD
Extensor Mechanism Disruptions: Current Concepts Fred Flandry, MD
Tibial Plateau Fractures: One and Two Plates. Why and How? Thomas Moore, Jr., MD
Tibial Shaft: Tricks and New Techniques William Rosenblum, MD
Session VIII
How I Do a DAA Jeffrey Garrett, MD
How to Set Up Fragility Fracture Program Daniel Lee, MD
The Posterior/Medial Approach to the Knee
Fred Flandry, MD
Peri-operative Infections: Update
Thomas Moore, Sr., MD
Debridement Update: How to Cut it Out and Wash it Out Bruce Ziran, MD, FACS
When Bones Don’t Heal: Update on Non-Unions Chetan Deshpande, MD
Bone Grafting Update: From Platelets, to DBM, to BMP John Floyd, MD
Non-Biologic Adjunct: How and Why Bone Stimulators Work (or Don’t) Jason Lowe, MD


Anatomy Tim Ganey, PhD
SIJ H/P and Differential DX Michael Price, MD
Diagnostic Tests Floyd Flandry, MD
Non-Operative Treatment Floyd Flandry, MD
Physical Therapy Shelley Smith-DiCecco, PT
Failed Lumbar Fusion Adam Lewis, MD


SIJ History and Literature Chetan Deshpande, MD
Operative Technique Adam Lewis, MD
Operative C-Arm Technique Justin Barrett, MD
Post-Operative PT Shelley Smith-DiCecco, PT
Post-Operative Complications David Weiss, MD
MIS SI Joint Fusion: The Progression of the Clinical Literature Jake Heiney, MD