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FRIDAY, APRIL 23, 2021

Case Presentation: Management of “B” Glenoids – Standard TSA, Augmented TSA or Reverse TSA?Carpal Injuries & Management

Moderator: Grant E. Garrigues, MD

Panelist: Joseph PN. Iannotti, MD, Gregory Nicholson, MD, Howard Routman, MD, Gerald R. Williams, Jr., MD

Case Presentation: Instability After Anatomic or Reverse TSA- Why and What Next?

Moderator: George Athwal, MD

Panelist: Jay D. Keener, MD, Frances Cuomo, MD, Jonathan C. Levy, MD, Bradley Edwards, MD

Debate: 75-Year-Old Female with a Thin, But Intact Cuff- TSA or RSA

Argument for TSA – Andrew Green, MD

Argument for RSA Richard J. Friedman, MD

Debate: 65-Year-Old Male with Glenohumeral OA: Stem or Stemless Humeral Component?

Argument for Stemless – Lawrence V. Gulotta, MD

Argument for Stem – Gregory Nicholson, MD

Case Presentation: Infection After Shoulder Arthroplasty – Diagnosis and One vs Two-Stage Treatment

Moderator: Surena Namdari, MD, MSc

Panelist: David Dines, MD, Samer S. Hasan, MD, Andrew Green, MD, Joseph A. Abboud, MD

Transitioning to Outpatient Total Shoulder Arthroplasty

Thomas W. Throckmorton, MD

Keynote Speaker

Kevin Lacz

Case Presentation: Proximal Humeral Fractures – Non-Op, ORIF, or Arthroplasty?

Moderator: Mark A. Mighell, MD

Panelist: Michael McKee, MD, FRCS, Joaquin Sanchez Sotelo, MD, PhD, George S. Athwal, MD, Heinz Hoenecke, MD

20 Years of Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty – The 5 Most Important Lessons I Have Learned

Mark A. Frankle, MD

Case Presentation: Proximal Humeral Bone Loss – Ignore or Augment; Use Bone or Metal?

Moderator: Joaquin Sanchez-Sotelo, MD

Panelist: Mark A. Frankle, MD, Lawrence V. Gulotta, MD, Grant E. Garrigues, MD

Case Presentation: Software Based Pre-Operative Planning – When and How?

Moderator: Jonathan C. Levy, MD

Panelist: Joseph P. Iannotti, MD, Richard J. Friedman, MD, Akin Cil, MD, Surena Namdari, MD, MSc

Case Presentation: Complications of RSA

Moderator: Derek Cuff, MD

Panelist: William Levine, MD, Gerald R. Williams, Jr., MD, Matthew L. Ramsey, MD

Debate: Subscapularis Management for TSA – Sparing vs. Tenotomy/Peel vs. Osteotomy

Argument for Sparing – Mark A. Mighell, MD

Argument for Tenotomy/Peel – David Dines, MD

Argument for Osteotomy – Jay Keener, MD

Debate: Humeral Component Design in RSA- Inlay vs Onlay

Argument for Inlay – Bradley Edwards, MD

Argument for Onlay – Thomas Wright, MD

Research Awards Presentations

Moderator: Joaquin Sanchez-Sotelo, MD

Anatomic Total Shoulder Arthroplasty for Primary Glenohumeral Osteoarthritis is Associated with Excellent Outcomes and Low Revision Rates in the Elderly – Andrew Jensen, MD

The Impact of a Novel Zoned Conformity Glenoid on Rotator Cuff Strain in Total Shoulder Arthroplasty – Melissa Wright, MD

Criteria Based Return to Sport Testing is Associated with Lower Recurrence Rates Following Arthroscopic Bankart Repair – Mauricio Drummond, Jr., MD

Radiographic Outcomes of Patients Undergoing Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty Using Inlay Versus Onlay Components: Is There Really a Difference? – Ryan Neeley, DO

How COVID-19 Has Affected Our Practice: What We Have Been Through and Where Are We Going -William Levine, MD


Case Presentation: Massive Cuff Tear- Repair, Graft or Transfers?

Moderator: Jay D. Keener, MD

Panelist: Joshua Dines, MD, Rachel Frank, MD, John E. Kuhn, MD, Bassem T. Elhassan, MD

Case Presentation: 2 cm Supraspinatus Tear in Active 50-Year-Old, Active 70-Year-Old, and an Active 80-Year-Old- What Do You Do?

Moderator: Samer Hasan, MD

Panelist: John D. Kelly, IV, MD, Frances Cuomo, MD, Bradley Edwards, MD, Howard Routman, MD

Subacromial Balloon- Indications and Technique

Jonathan Levy, MD

Lower Trap Transfer: Indications and Technique

Jay D. Keener, MD

Debate: Massive Cuff Tear in a 60-Year-Old with Maintained Overhead Elevation

Argument for SCR – Joshua Dines, MD

Argument for Partial Repair – Derek Cuff, MD

Debate: 65-Year-Old Female with a 2 cm Supraspinatus Tear

Argument for Non-OP – John E. Kuhn, MD

Argument for Surgery – John D. Kelly, IV, MD

Case Presentations: Comminuted Distal Humeral Fracture – ORIF or Replace

Moderator: Michael McKee, MD

Panelist: Matthew L. Ramsey, MD, George Athwal, MD, Jonathan Levy, MD

Case Presentations: Elbow Pain in the Throwing Athlete

Moderator: Matthew L. Ramsey, MD

Panelist: Rachel Frank, MD, Joshua Dines, MD, John D. Kelly, IV, MD

Case Presentations: Fractures of the proximal Radius and Proximal Ulna

Moderator: George Athwal, MD

Panelist: Michael McKee, MD, Matthew L. Ramsey, MD, Jay D. Keener, MD

ASES Presidential Address

Mark A. Frankle, MD

Case Presentation: First Time Anterior Shoulder Dislocation in a 20-Year Old with No Bone Loss

Moderator: Joshua Dines, MD

Panelist: John E. Kuhn, MD, Lawrence V. Gulotta, MD, Grant E. Garrigues, MD

Case Presentation: Recurring Anterior Dislocation with Some Degree of Glenoid Bone Loss

Moderator: John E. Kuhn, MD

Panelist: Surena Namdari, MD, Andrew Green, MD, Joseph A. Abboud, MD, Joshua Dines, MD

Instability Techniques

Remplissage: Indications and How I Do It – John D. Kelly, IV, MD

Latarjet Surgery: My Tips and Tricks – George Athwal, MD

Case Presentation: Posterior shoulder instability- How to manage

Moderator: Heinz Hoenecke, MD

Panelist: John E. Kuhn, MD, Rachel Frank, MD, John D. Kelly, IV, MD

Case Presentations: Complications of Latarjet Surgery and How to Manage

Moderator: Akin Cil, MD

Panelist: George Athwal, MD, Rachel Frank, MD