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SESSION I: Surgeon Wellness Symposium
Sexual Harassment in Surgery: How Can We Improve – Panel Discussion – Shawni Coll, DO
My Experience with Racial Discrimination – Todd Swenning, MD
How Are California / San Diego Leading Physician Wellness? – Amy Liepert, MD, FACS
The Aging Surgeon: What’s Your Perspective – David Bazzo MD
Surgeon Coaching Panel Discussion: Ask the Coaches – David Bazzo, MD


SESSION II: Government & Systems Issues – Moderator: Ross Leighton, MD
Just Breathe – Jeffrey M. Smith, M.D.
Musculoskeletal Health of Surgeons – Jeffrey M. Smith, MD
Outpatient Surgery for the Fracture Surgeon – Anthony Rhorer, MD
Creating Templates for the Dreaded EMR – Ryan Will, MD
Practice Efficiencies & Regulations of Using a PA – Dan Coll, PA
Firearm Safety: What is Our Lane? – Todd Swenning, MD
Orthopaedic Emergencies – Charles Moon, MD
Orthopaedic Emergencies – Ranjan Gupta, MD
Orthopaedic Emergencies – Utku Kandemir, MD
Open Fractures – Harmeeth Uppal, MD
Open Fractures – Dan Coll, PA
Colleague in Distress – Jeffrey M. Smith, MD
Colleague in Distress – Ryan Will, MD
Colleague in Distress – Carla Smith, MD
Colleague in Distress – Todd Swenning, MD
Proximal Femur Reduction – Ross Leighton, MD
Proximal Femur Reduction – David Friedberg, MD
SESSION III: Lower Extremities – Moderator: Utku Kandemir, MD
Complex Issues in Geriatric Hip Fractures: Hospice / Suspension of DNR – Carla Smith, MD
Soft-Tissue Coverage Tips for the Orthopaedic Surgeon – James Learned, MD
Hip & Femoral Shaft Fractures – Dan Coll, PA
Hip & Femoral Shaft Fractures – Bharat Desai, MD
Hip & Femoral Shaft Fractures – Carla Smith, MD
Hip & Femoral Shaft Fractures – James Learned, MD
Distal Femur Fractures – Charles Moon, MD
Distal Femur Fractures – Harmeeth Uppal, MD
Distal Femur Fractures – Eric Boe, DO
Distal Femur Fractures – Ryan Will, MD
Proximal Tibia Fractures – Utku Kandemir, MD
Proximal Tibia Fractures – David Friedberg, MD
Proximal Tibia Fractures – Todd Swenning, MD
Ankle / Syndesmosis Injuries – Jackson Lee, MD
Ankle / Syndesmosis Injuries – Ryan Will, MD
Ankle / Syndesmosis Injuries – James Learned, MD
Foot Fractures – Harmeeth Uppal, MD
Foot Fractures – Ross Leighton, MD
Foot Fractures – David Friedberg, MD
Foot Fractures – Eric Boe, DO- ADD
Tibia Pilon / Shaft Fractures – Todd Swenning, MD
Tibia Pilon / Shaft Fractures – Bharat Desai, MD


SESSION IV: Performance Improvement in Surgery – Moderator: Charles Moon, MD
Visualization – Jeffrey M. Smith, M.D.
Kelee Meditation for Peak Performance – David Friedberg, MD
Surgical Misadventures Around the Shoulder: What to Do When You Cut a Nerve – Ranjan Gupta, MD
Models for Skill Development – Ranjan Gupta, MD
Forearm / Elbow Fractures – Ranjan Gupta, MD
Forearm / Elbow Fractures – David Friedberg, MD
Forearm / Elbow Fractures – Carla Smith, MD
Humerus Fractures – James Learned, MD
Humerus Fractures – Utku Kandemir, MD
Humerus Fractures – Jackson Lee, MD
Humerus Fractures – Dan Coll, PA
Clavicle, AC and Scapula – Ryan Will, MD
Models for Skill Development – Ranjan Gupta, MD
Keynote Presentation – CME: What Does the Future Look Like? – Derek Moore, MD
SESSION V: Back to the Future – Moderator: Jackson Lee, MD
Orthopaedic Residency Training in 2020 and 2030 – John Scolaro, MD
Unlocking the Mysteries of Administering Orthopaedic Trauma Care – Emily Benson, MD
Sacroiliac Insufficiency Fractures: Assessment/Optimization and Surgical Stabilization – Bharat Desai, MD
Orthobiologics: What Really Works? – Ross Leighton, MD
Osteoporotic Fractures – Ross Leighton, MD
Osteoporotic Fractures – Emily Benson, MD
Osteoporotic Fractures – Jackson Lee, MD
Pelvic & Acetabular Fractures – Todd Swenning, MD
Pelvic & Acetabular Fractures – John Scolaro, MD
Pelvic & Acetabular Fractures – Harmeeth Uppal, MD