Live Broadcast of a Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty with an Augmented Baseplate

Date: Friday, February 8

Start Time: 7:35 am EST

Surgeon: Avinash Kumar, MD

Moderator: Mark A. Mighell, MD

Please join us as Dr. Avinash Kumar performs a reverse total shoulder arthroplasty with an augmented baseplate live from his operating room in Bradenton, Florida. The surgery will be moderated by Dr. Mark Mighell and will highlight the key benefits of AEQUALIS™ PERFORM™ REVERSED Glenoid baseplate along with the AEQUALIS ASCEND™ FLEX humeral stem. Dr. Kumar will also discuss the advantages of preoperative planning software, specifically BLUEPRINT™ 3D Planning and PSI, which he used to plan this specific case.

The live surgery broadcast is supported by Wright Medical featuring Tornier Technology.


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BLUEPRINT 3D Planning + PSI is a surgeon controlled, automated, 3D preoperative planning software with optional patient specific instrumentation. BLUEPRINT allows surgeons to perform real-time, precise virtual surgery for added confidence prior to stepping foot in the OR.

AEQUALIS PERFORM REVERSED baseplate offers surgeons freedom in fixation, augmentation, and orientation. The 3D-printed baseplate has numerous lateralized, wedged, and central fixation options to treat multiple pathologies and glenoid defects. A circular design and independent central screw allow for an infinitely dial-able construct with complete control over augment placement.

AEQUALIS ASCEND FLEX is a fully convertible shoulder arthroplasty system. The short, anatomic stem was designed based on internal geometry of the proximal humerus. The convertible platform offers surgeons the option to move from an anatomic to reverse construct without removal of the humeral stem. Eccentric reverse trays allow for optimal tray positioning and adjustable ROM/shoulder tensioning.