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Day 1 – FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 2015

Session I: Complex/Advanced Shoulder Instability
Arthroscopically‐Assisted Latarjet for Severe Bone Loss Buddy Savoie, MD
Osteochondral Allograft for Bone Loss in Shoulder Instability Nikhil Verma, MD
Modified Gallie for Hyperlaxity/MDI Patients Buddy Savoie, MD
Glenoid Bone Loss: The blessing and curse of the Latarjet Procedure Jon JP Warner, MD
Posterior Instability and Bone Loss Nikhil Verma, MD
Revision Instability Repair John Costouros, MD
Session II: Hip Arthroscopy
Advanced Techniques in Labral Repair. Knotted vs Knotless Michael Gerhardt, MD
Bicondylar Tibial Plateau Fractures: One Plate or Two and Management of Dislocation Patterns J. Tracy Watson, MD
Microinstability in the Athlete’s Hip: The Great Hidden Cause of Labral Tears Benjamin Domb, MD
Gluteus Medius Tears: Advances in Endoscopic and
Reconstructive Options
Benjamin Domb, MD
Arthroscopic Hip Capsular Reconstruction Using Human Dermal Tissue for Severe Capsular Deficiency Derek Ochiai , MD
Understanding the Failed Hip Arthroscopy Jason Snibbe, MD
Is There a Role for Hip Arthroscopy in the Management of AVN of the Hip? Michael Gerhardt, MD
Labral Reconstruction. Indications and Graft Selection Jason Snibbe, MD
Never need to do a T‐type capsulotomy again: Advances in Capsular Management Derek Ochiai, MD
Butt pain I. Endoscopic Transtendinous Approach to Partial Hamstring Tears. Timothy Jackson, MD
Butt pain II. Gluteal Tunnel Syndrome Timothy Jackson, MD
5 Shoulder Instability Cases and What I Did With Them Paul Sethi, MD

Day 2 – SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2015

Session III: Massive Irreparable Rotator Cuff Tears
Is it really “Irreparable?” Tips on how to repair any tendon Travis Burns, MD
SPOTLIGHT LECTURE: “Superior Capsular Reconstruction” John Costouros, MD
Superior Capsule Reconstruction in Combination with
Latissimus Transfer
John Itamura, MD
Trapezius Muscle Transfer Reza Omid, MD
Suprascapular Nerve Release‐ When and How
 Nikhil Verma, MD
Patches and Grafts to Augment Rotator Cuff Repairs Patrick StPierre, MD
Blood Flow Restriction Therapy for Post‐Operative Travis Burns, MD
Session IV: Ultrasound
Ultrasound Anatomy of the Shoulder Eric Lee, MD
Ultrasound Anatomy of the Knee Eric Lee, MD
Injection Techniques  Eric Lee, MD
Complex Shoulder Problems:
Time to stop and think…outside the box
Jon JP Warner, MD
Session V: Biologics
Is Microfracture Alone a Thing of the Past? Augment with BioCartialge Bert Mandelbaum, MD
Arthroscopic BioCartilage of the Knee with CO2 Instead of Raffy Mirzayan, MD
Osteochondral Allografting of the Patellotrochlear Joint Raffy Mirzayan, MD
Amniotic Suspension Allograft Injection for Treatment of Osteoarthritis  Andreas Gomoll, MD
Bone Marrow Aspirate in Treatment of Subchondral Edema and AVN in the Knee
 Bert Mandelbaum, MD
Current Techniques in Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation Andreas Gomoll, MD
Bundled Payments Programs Mandated by Medicare‐ What you need to know for 2016 Allen Lu, MD
 Session IV: Complex Knee Ligament
 All‐Epiphyseal ACL Reconstruction  Stephen Lemos, MD, PhD
 All‐Inside ACL/PCL reconstrcution  Rick Hatch, MD
 Posterolateral Corner Reconstruction  Travis Burns, MD
 MPFL Reconstrcution with a Tensiometer ‐ To Get it Just  Stephen Lemos, MD, PhD
 ALL Reconstruction ‐ When and How To Do It?  Travis Burns, MD
 Session V: Shoulder Arthroplasty
 Preoperative Planning for Shoulder Arthroplasty: Operative Simulation Improves Clinical Effectiveness  Jon JP Warner, MD
 Glenoid Exposure ‐ 10 Key Steps to reproducible exposure  Patrick St. Pierre, MD
 Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty for Fractures  Howard Routman, DO
 10 things I wish I knew before I started doing shoulder
 John Costouros, MD
 Standard, Short stem, and Stemless arthroplasty. Why and  John Itamura, MD
 Posterior Glenoid Bone Loss‐‐ Ream, Augment, or Graft  Joseph Abboud, MD
 Revision Reverse Total Shoulder  John Itamura, MD
 Post‐Operative Shoulder Rehabilitation  Patrick StPierre, MD
  Session IV: Foot & Ankle
 Arthroscopic Treatment of Syndesmosis Injuries and Ankle Fractures  Thomas Harris, MD
 Update on Achilles Tendon Ruptures ‐ Arthroscopic,
Percutaneous, and Mini Open, and Non Op
 Timothy Charlton, MD
Beyond the Dome: OCD’s in the foot and hindfoot not in the  Eric Giza, MD
 Arthroscopic Ankle Fusion  Thomas Harris, MD
 Peroneal Tendonoscopy: Not a Waste of Time  Eric Giza, MD
 Posterior Ankle Arthroscopy ‐ Os Trigonums & Haglund’s  Eric Giza, MD
 Session V: Foot & Ankle
 Dorsal Plating of Lisfranc Injuries  Thomas Harris, MD
Update on Foot & Ankle Stress Fractures: Diagnosis and Treatment  Timothy Charlton, MD
 Lateral Approach to Total Ankle Replacement (+/‐)  Thomas Harris, MD
 Advances in Posterior Tibial Tendon Reconstructions  Timothy Charlton, MD
 Plantar Plate Repair ‐ What, Why and How (+/‐)  Thomas Harris, MD
 Greatest and Worst Case of the Year / Questions