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Day 1 – Friday, August 5, 2016

We Should Fix Robert Grumet, MD
We Can Wait Brian Wolf
In Season Management Eric McCarty, MD
Glenoid Bone Loss: Measurement and Management Matthew Provencher, MD
Humeral Bone Loss: Does it Matter? Augustus D. Mazzocca, MD, MS
Shoulder Stabilization: When Can I Play? Kevin Wilk, DPT
Revision Instability Repair: What Went Wrong? Anthony A. Romeo, MD
Instability Case Presentations, Q & A Faculty Panel
Non-Operative Management of Rotator Cuff Tears: Who Needs Surgery? Warren R. Dunn, MD, MPH
Rotator Cuff Repair: So Many Options… How Do We Choose? Brian Cole, MD, MBA
Rehabilitation After Rotator Cuff Repair: Early or Late? Gregory P. Nicholson, MD
Biologics in Cuff Repair: Where are We in 2016? Augustus D. Mazzocca, MD, MS
Evaluation of the Overhead Throwing Athlete Anthomy A. Romeo, MD
Technique for SLAP Repair in 2016 Eric Strauss, MD
SLAP Repair or Tenodesis? Nikhil Verma, MD
Cuff/SLAP Case Presentations, Q&A Faculty Panel
Tips for Success: Arthroscopic Stabilization – Nikhil Verma, MD Shoulder Physical Exam – Brian Cole, MD
Technique Spotlight: Arthroscopic Management of Bony Bankart – Augustus D. Mazzocca, MD, MS  
Open Shoulder Stabilization: Is It Still Relevant? – Brian Wolf, MD  
Latarjet: It’s Simple and It Works! – Nikhil Verma, MD  
Bone Loss in Shoulder Instability: What Graft Should I Use? – Matthew Provencher, MD  
Remplissage: How and When? – Matt Saltzman, MD  
Posterior Instability: Bones Loss and Contemporary Techniques – Anthony A. Romeo, MD Knee Physical Exam – Adam Yanke, MD & George Davies, PT
Arthroscopic Made Easy – Scott Trenhaile, MD  
Sub-pec is the Only Way – Eric McCarty, MD  
Failed SLAP: What Do I Do Now? – Eric J. Strauss, MD  
Case Presentations – Faculty Panel  
Partial Rotator Cuff Tear: What Do I Do? – Robert Grumet, MD Current Concepts in the Rehab of the Athlete’s Shoulder – Kevin Wilk, DPT
Primary Repair – L. Pearce McCarty, III, MD  
Patch Augmentation – Scott Trenhaile, MD  
Superior Capsular Reconstruction – Anthony Romeo, MD  
Tendon Transfer – Matthew Saltzman, MD  
Reverse or Repair: How do I Decide? – Gregory P. Nicholson, MD Panel Discussion of Presented Shoulder Cases by Participants – Faculty Panel
Suprascapular Nerve Decompression: Should I Do It and How? – L. Pearce McCarty, III, MD  
Non-Arthroplasty Options for Shoulder Arthritis – Geoffrey Van Thiel, MD, MBA  
AC Joint Update – Brian Wolf, MD  
Clavicle Fractures: Should We Be Fixing More and How? – L. Pearce McCarty, III, MD  
Cuff/Orther Case Presentations – Faculty Panel  

Day 2 – Saturday, August 6, 2016

Session IV
OCD Lesion: Diagnosis, Evaluation and Management Adam Yanke, MD
Microfracture: Is There a Role in 2016 and How? Jack Farr, II, MD
Surface Options for Articular Cartilage Reconstruction Andreas H. Gomoll, MD
Osteochondral Graft Options: Auto and Allo Christian Lattermann, MD
Osteotomies and Articular Cartilage Lesions: Indications in Jack Farr II, MD
Patellofemoral Pain and Articular Injury: What Can We Do? Adam Yanke, MD
Stem Cells and PRP: What’s the Evidence? Brian J. Cole, MD, MBA
Case Presentations, Question and Answer Brian J. Cole, MD, MBA
ACL Injuries: Can They Be Prevented? Timothy Hewett, PhD
ACL Anatomy: From the Cadaver to the Camera Brian Forsythe, MD
ACL Tear, Hemarthrosis, Osseous Impact: The Die is Cast Christian Lattermann, MD
ACL Grafts Location? Living? Radiated? Michael Ellman, MD
AM and Accessory Portal Techniques Charles A. Bush-Joseph, MD
Transtibial Reconstruction: Is It Still Relevant? Nikhil Verma, MD
ACL Revision: My Bag of Tricks Bernard R. Bach, Jr., MD
Revising a Well Done ACL: Concomitant Pathology that Increases Risk Brian Forsythe, MD
ACL Outcomes: Take Homes from the Moon Group Brian Wolf, MD
Case Presentations, Question and Answer Brian Forsythe, MD
MCL: When to Fix? Technique and Evidence Andreas Gomoll, MD Elite Strength and Conditioning; Bridging the Gap Between Rehab and Physical Preparation Nick Papendieck, CSCS
LCL/PLC: Technique and Evidence Michael Ellman, MD Clincial Problem Solving for the “Problem Hip Scope Patient” Caty Stegemann, PT
PCL Reconstruction: Current Controversies Brian Forsythe, MD
Meniscus Repair: Common Techniques, Outcomes & Evidence Eric McCarty, MD
Complex Meniscus Repair: Root, Radial, Revision Michael Ellman, MD
Meniscus Transplant: A Decade of Experience Brian J. Cole, MD, MBA
MPFL: Anatomy, Reconstruction, and Why it Matters Adam Yanke, MD Return to Sport; LE Function Assesments Tim Hewitt, PT
Patellar Instability: Looking Outside the MPFL (Alta/Dysplasia/Malalignment) Jack Farr, II, MD Physical Exam of the Hip Shane Nho, MD, MS & Donna Williams, PT
Rehabilitation of the Knee: When Can I Return to Sport? George Davies, DPT
Patella/Multiligament Instability Cases: Good, Bad and Ugly
Distal Biceps Repair: Contemporary Options John J. Fernandez, MD Techniques to Enhance Proprioception, Strength and Neuromuscular Control for the Knee Complex George Davies, PT & Kevin Wilk, DPT
Lateral Epicondylitis: Scope or Open? Mark S. Cohen, MD 4:15 PM Panel Discussion of Presented Knee Cases by Participants Moderator: Kevin Wilk, DPT Faculty Panel: Charles Bush-Joseph, MD; Shane Nho, MD & George Davies, PT
Ulnar Nerve: What Should I Do? John J. Fernandez, MD
UCL Update 2016 Mark Cohen, MD
Elbow Case Presentations, Question and Answer

Day 3 – Sunday, August 7, 2016

Session VII: HIP  
Patient Presentation and Selection Joshua Harris, MD
Diagnostic Studies: Plain Radiographs, MRI, CT, and Computer Modeling Michael D. Stover, MD
Technique: How I Address Acetabular Rim and Subspine Pathology Dominic Carreira, MD
Technique: How I Address Femoral Pathology Michael J. Salata, MD
Subtle Deformities (Borderline Dysplasia, Femoral Version, Femoral Valgus) and the Role of Joint Capsule Joshua Harris, MD
Hip Instability: Traumatic, FAI-Induced, Microinstability, and Iatrogenic Shane J. Nho, MD, MS
When Arthroscopy is Not Indicated Michael D. Stover, MD
Approach to the Failed Hip Procedure Michael J. Salata, MD
Labrum: When to Repair, Resect, or Reconstruct? Richard C. Mather III, MD
Chondral Defects: When to Debride or Microfracture? How Much OA Can You Accept? Thomas Wuerz, MD
Outcomes Assessment After Hip Arthroscopy Richard C. Mather III, MD
Rehabilitation After Hip Arthroscopy Caty Stegemann, PT
FAI, Labrum Case Presentations, Question and Answer Faculty Panel
Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome: Who Will Benefit From Surgery and How Do I Interpret MRI? Thomas Wuerz, MD
Endoscopic Gluteus Medius Repair Is Best! Shane J. Nho, MD
Just Open It: Open Gluteus Medius Repair or Gluteus Maximus Transfer Geoffrey S. Van Thiel, MD, MBA
Extra-Articular Impingement: Does Subpsine, Ischiofemoral, and Trochanteric Pelvic Impingement Actually Exist? Michael Ellman, MD
Hamstring Tears: Proximal Hamstring Syndrome to Chronic Retracted Tears Dominic Carreira, MD
Rehab for Extra-Articular Hip Pathology Caty Stegemann, PT
Case Presentations, Question and Answer Faculty Panel