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THURSDAY, July 29, 2021

First Outcomes of Hip Arthoscopy in Athletes

Marc R. Safran, MD

Treating Jones Fractures in the Elite Athlete

Kenneth J. Hunt, MD

“Osteotomy”- A Forgotten Art

David Patterson, MD

Meniscus Root Tears

Manuel F. Schubert, MD

Anterolateral Rotatory Instability of the Knee

Lisa Lovse, MD

Meniscal Centralization

Jefferey Michaelson, MD

How to prevent ACL injury/Reinjury

Micah Lissy, MD

Graft choices for ACL Reconstruction

Christopher Cooke, MD

Tibial Spine Fractures Fixation: Surgical Indications and Techniques

Zachary Stender, MD

Travel Medicine

Johnathan Nzoma, DO

Surgical Demonstration: Percutaneous Achilles tendon repair

Kenneth J. Hunt, MD

Recongntion and Treatment of Hip Micronistability

Marc R Safran, MD

Opioid Prescriptions and Patient usage after shoulder Arthroscopy

Keith Kenter, MD

Fascial Distortion Model, a type of manipulation treatment for common musculoskeletal conditions

John V Morasso, DO

Ultrasound and MR Imaging of Pectoralis Major Injuries

Jon A. Jacobson, MD

Anti-inflammatory Diet

Britta Anderson, DO

Injury and treatment of the thumb CMC joint

Andrew Tsai, MD

Kids, Sports, and the Pandemic

Joseph H. Guettler, MD


Surgical Demonstration- Hip Arthoscopy

Marc R. Safran, MD

The Forgotten Joint: Evolution in Managing Syndesmotic Injuries

Kenneth J. Hunt, MD

Ankle Arthosocpy

Robert E. Meehan, Jr, MD

Shoulder Instability

Chase B, Ansok, MD

Advancements in Shoulder Arthroscopy

Shariff Bishai, DO

Stemless Shoulder Arthroplasty

Matthew C. Sardelli, MD

Determining the Force Used and Accuracy of Grading Displacement when preforming the Lachman exam

Yusik Cho, MD

Predicting Rotator Cuff integrity using Sclerosis of Acromion and greater Tuberosity

Yusik Cho, MD

Patient’s Hand Washing Preferences for Physicians

Nivin Porwal, DO

Biomechanical Comparasion of Prosterior Capsular Stretching positions

Perry Merlillat, DO

Flexor Pronator Mass contribution to the elbow valgus stress

Thomas X. Nguyen, MD

Anatomic and biochemical study of the thumb carpometacarpal joint dislocations

Heather Preston, DO