The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery Publishes Study Conducted at FORE

The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery recently published a case control study conducted at FORE in conjunction with the Ioannis P. Pappou, MD, PhD. And Mark A. Frankle, MD from Florida Orthopaedic Institute on “Outcomes and Costs of Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty in the Morbidly Obese.” The article is one of the first cost evaluation studies to be published regarding obesity in orthopaedics.  “The study investigated the effect of morbid obesity on outcomes, complications, discharges, disposition, and costs in patients undergoing reverse shoulder arthroplasty.” The study found that “Reverse shoulder arthroplasty appears to be as safe and effective in morbidly obese patients, although it has an increased cost and patients have a lower rate of discharge to home and greater care needs after discharge.” To read more click here

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