FORE’s Orthopaedic Trauma Conferences for 2019

Orthopaedic Trauma Conferences 2019

Orthopaedic surgeons who treat trauma patients must regularly address a variety of complex musculoskeletal injuries caused by falls, sports collisions, disasters, and accidents. To provide the most effective care possible in these situations, practitioners need to stay informed about the latest treatment recommendations and technologic advancements in this ever-evolving field. One way to do so is to attend a FORE orthopaedic trauma conference in 2019:

17th Annual Current Solutions in Orthopaedic Trauma

Held at FORE’s state-of-the-art FIVE Labs facility in Tampa, Florida, this conference enables orthopaedic trauma specialists to learn about new treatments, technologies, and trends in a dynamic educational environment that includes more than 3,600 square feet of fully equipped laboratory space. Attendees will improve their knowledge of current concepts through didactic presentations and case-based discussions, as well as hands-on bioskills labs led by a distinguished faculty.

Specific topics of discussion at this orthopaedic trauma conference, which is scheduled for November 15-17, 2019, will include:

  • Emerging vs. traditional techniques in trauma care
  • Foot, ankle, femoral neck, and intertrochanteric fractures
  • How orthobiologics can help in the healing process
  • Strategies for preventing infection

Atlanta Trauma Symposium

This orthopaedic trauma conference offers an overview of contemporary strategies for treating fractures and related condition. The course includes subject matter relevant to virtually all areas of specialization within trauma, featuring  sessions on general orthopaedics, the upper extremity, the lower extremity, and pediatrics. Through a series of didactic lectures, case presentations, and hands-on workshops, attendees will explore a diverse range of topics, including:

  • MACRA, MIPS, and other recent changes in the healthcare industry
  • Utilization of mid-level providers in orthopaedic trauma care
  • Common and uncommon pediatric trauma conditions
  • Physical therapy for orthopaedic trauma
  • Pain management for rib, sternal, hip, and long bone fractures
  • Treatment strategies for proximal humerus, distal femur, proximal tibia, and ankle fractures

Reasons to Attend a FORE Conference

As a continuing education provider focused exclusively on orthopaedics, FORE is uniquely qualified to plan conferences that orthopaedic surgeons and other orthopaedic healthcare professionals find useful and engaging. FORE’s courses are known for their:

  • Relevant information – We update our conferences every year with new presenters and subject material to ensure that attendees receive the most useful information available.
  • Expert faculty – Well-known surgeons, researchers, and educators teach our courses, allowing participants to learn from true thought leaders in orthopaedics.
  • Participant interaction – Our conferences pair didactic lectures and case studies with group discussions and hands-on workshops to facilitate exceptionally well-rounded educational experiences.

Contact FORE

If you have questions about the orthopaedic trauma conferences we have scheduled for 2019, contact FORE by phone at (813) 877-8096 or by email at We can provide you with a detailed agenda and information on accommodations for these courses, and also help you determine which educational opportunities best fit your interests.