FORE Debuts on ABC Action News’ “Positively Tampa Bay”

On Friday Derek Pupello, CEO and Brandon Santoni, Ph.D. Director of Research at the Foundation for Orthopaedic Research and Education, (FORE), made a guest appearance on ABC Action News’ “Positively Tampa Bay” segment, as part of its Taking Action For Your Parents campaign.

Lissette Campos, Director of Community Affairs at ABC Action News, invited Pupello and Dr. Santoni to speak about FORE. They discussed the local non-profit research institute and its goal to improve the diagnosis, treatment and care of individuals affected by musculoskeletal disorders.

FORE Derek Pupello ABC Action News

“We focus typically on surgical treatments. We want to study current treatments to figure out how they can be improved. We provide information to doctors who are treating these patients that are suffering from a traumatic injury or a chronic condition” said Pupello.

The station set up a calling center for viewers to call in and ask questions pertaining to the care and welfare of their elderly parents. In correlation to the segment’s theme Pupello and Dr. Santoni discussed common fractures in the femur that could occur from falling. “So many of the callers were concerned about their parents falling or incurring very bad injuries.” said Campos. Dr. Santoni referenced a femur model to explain that “unfortunately, over ninety percent of [femur] fractures are actually in patients over 65. These are our parents and grandparents.”

FORE Derek Pupello ABC Action News

FORE provided great information about common femur fractures, developing orthopaedic devices, and the organization as a whole. The Foundation’s dedication to improving orthopaedic medicine through research and education has helped advanced the field of orthopaedics.

To watch a recap of Friday’s segment, click here.

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