FORE, the Foundation for Orthopedic Research and Education, offers a variety of orthopedic trauma courses for medical professionals throughout the field. As a non-profit organization with an exclusive focus on providing unique, accredited opportunities for continuing medical education, FORE designs orthopedic trauma conferences that strongly emphasize hands-on discovery and application.

Our orthopedic trauma conferences are held in some of the nation’s top locations, with easily accessible hotels, restaurants, and other amenities in the nearby areas. Conference attendees have abundant opportunities to learn from – and discuss novel approaches with – some of the field’s top thought leaders. The faculty at our conferences comprises extensively experienced and published orthopedic surgeons, trauma surgeons, physical therapy and rehabilitation specialists, and preventive care experts.

FORE’s conferences are open to medical professionals from all areas of the field. Early registration discounts are often offered. To learn more about our any of our premiere orthopedic CME opportunities, click on the links below:

Attend an Orthopedic Trauma Conference Provided by the Foundation for Orthopedic Research and Education (FORE)

Attend an Orthopaedic Trauma Course to Learn More about Fracture Management, Infection Prevention, and Today’s Latest Surgical Technologies

Orthopaedic Fracture Education Provided by FORE

Orthopedic Trauma CME Opportunities for Surgeons, Physical Therapists, Physicians Who Specialize in Orthopedic Fracture Treatment, and Other Medical Professionals