Attend the World Translational Medicine and Orthopedics Conference and Expo in Tampa, FL

Translational Medicine ConferenceFor medical professionals interested in translational medicine, the World Translational Medicine and Orthopedics Conference and Expo held in Tampa, Florida, provides a unique opportunity to learn about the latest advancements in this growing field. Organized by the Foundation for Orthopaedic Research and Education (FORE) – a leading provider of orthopedic continuing education – this conference features experts from around the world presenting on new techniques, technologies and medications, with an emphasis on translating research findings into practical application.

This interdisciplinary event brings together researchers, surgeons, non-operating physicians, educators and others involved in translational medicine. Specific topics of discussion will include patient care-related diagnostics and management techniques, disease-specific biomarkers, bioengineering, molecular imaging, bio-signatures, omics science and drug discovery and development. As with other FORE events, abundant time will be allotted for group discussions, providing a more interactive experience than conferences that are strictly lecture-based.

How to Register for this Event

The World Translational Medicine and Orthopedics Conference is being held at FORE’s state-of-the-art FIVE Labs facility in Tampa, FL. Located near the airport and other amenities, the conference is a convenient destination for medical professionals from around the globe. Group pricing is available on nearby hotel accommodations. You can register for the event over the phone, by mail or directly through our website. Contact FORE today for more information.