Incorporate the Latest Techniques in Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery into Your Orthopedic Practice

Techniques in Hand and Upper Extremity SurgeryTechniques in hand and upper extremity surgery are constantly changing, leading to better outcomes and lower complication rates. But, staying up-to-date requires a concerted effort. If you practice hand, wrist or shoulder surgery on a regular basis and would like to learn more about the latest surgical approaches, you can attend one of the orthopedic conferences provided by FORE – the Foundation for Orthopaedic Research and Education.

Hand surgery education

Because every type of orthopedic surgery is highly unique, FORE has designed separate conferences for the different subspecialties. Medical professionals who would like to specifically focus on hand and upper extremity techniques can choose an event such as Frontiers in Upper Extremity Surgery or Current Solutions in Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, each of which highlights the most relevant topics in the corresponding field.

Our hand and upper extremity events are designed to help participants:

  • More effectively diagnose fractures, ligament tears and other conditions through physical assessments and diagnostic imaging
  • Evaluate each patient’s specific needs and determine which treatments – both conservative or surgical – are most appropriate
  • Implement the newest and most effective surgical techniques and rehabilitation strategies
  • Work hand-in-hand with nonoperative professionals to develop and monitor the results of each patient’s comprehensive treatment plan

Our events are designed from the ground up every year, which means that topics are continually changing to maintain the highest level of relevancy for our students.

Register for an accredited hand conference

If you’d like to review a full list of upcoming conferences that cover techniques in hand and upper extremity surgery, contact FORE. We can help you find (and register for) a conference that suits your professional interests – whatever those may be.