Athletic Trainers, Team Physicians, Physical Therapists and Other Orthopedic Professionals Are Invited to Attend FORE’S Accredited Sports Medicine Courses

Sports Medicine Courses

FORE – The Foundation for Orthopaedic Research and Education – provides a variety of sports medicine courses that are specifically designed for athletic trainers, team p

hysicians and other orthopedic professionals who specialize in sports injury treatment. These conferences explore the latest diagnostic strategies and treatments for both traumatic injuries (such as torn ligaments) and overuse injuries (such as stress fractures), allowing providers to more effectively manage many common conditions.

Our sports medicine courses cover topics such as:

  • Regaining muscle function after surgery
  • Treating recurrent ligament tears
  • Managing ankle instability without surgery
  • Sports nutrition
  • Muscle activation periodization
  • MRI and ultrasound-guided diagnostic strategies
  • Biomechanics

With fast-paced schedules that cover a comprehensive range of material in an accelerated timeline, our conferences are perfect for busy medical professionals. We prioritize hands-on learning over traditional lectures and presentations, allowing participants to better absorb the material that’s being introduced. And, our speakers are widely regarded as some of the best and brightest minds in sports medicine, representing top universities and hospitals from across the nation. Abundant opportunities for discussion and collaboration make our conferences ideal for meaningful learning and retention of information.

You can register for our upcoming sports medicine courses online, by mail or by phone. Our most popular sports medicine-focused events include the Detroit Sports Medicine Symposium, Baseball Sports Medicine: Game Changing Concepts and Chicago Sports. We also offer a variety of other general orthopedic conferences that welcome sports medicine specialists. For more information, contact us today.