Attend a Sports Medicine Conference Led by the Industry’s Top Trainers and Physical Therapists

Sports Medicine Conference

If you’re an athletic trainer or physical therapist for a high school, college, professional or even recreational organization, you can attend a sports medicine conference provided by FORE – The Foundation for Orthopaedic Research and Education – to learn about the newest sports injury treatments. Our conferences highlight multi-specialty approaches to diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, providing you with the tools you need to improve patient outcomes in your own personal practice. No matter how long you’ve been in the field or what types of athletes you work with, you’ll be able to apply our concepts directly to what you do.

FORE’s sports medicine conferences include:

  • Baseball Sports Medicine: Game-Changing Concepts
  • The Detroit Sports Medicine Symposium
  • Chicago Sports

Each of these conferences highlights comprehensive techniques for helping patients return to their pre-injury performance levels. Surgical and non-surgical options are both discussed, as are novel technologies and proven strategies for collaborating with your patients’ other care providers. To give you real-world experience with these techniques, many of our conferences feature dynamic breakout sessions that are led by top innovators and clinicians. Additionally, discussion and collaboration is highly encouraged, giving you a much more engaging experience than you’d encounter at any other conference.

For our CME events, registration is easy. You can secure your spot by filling out our convenient online registration form or by calling FORE directly. Some of our conferences accept on-the-spot registrations, but we recommend reserving your spot at the sports medicine conference of your choosing in advance.