Develop New Skills at a Spine Surgery Conference

Spine Surgery Conference

If you specialize in spine surgery, consider attending a conference provided by FORE (the Foundation for Orthopaedic Research and Education). Our conferences are specially designed for orthopedic professionals, including surgeons, surgical residents and fellows and supportive care professionals. We offer a variety of events for individuals who diagnose and treat spinal fractures, herniations, scoliosis and other common spine disorders.

FORE’s spine-focused courses include the Selby Spine Conference and the Castellvi Spine Conference, and we also offer a number of general orthopedic conferences that incorporate spine care discussions as part of a broader range of topics. Our spine conferences cover subjects such as:

  • Surgical navigation systems
  • Intraoperative neuromonitoring
  • Intradiscal therapies and other biologic treatments
  • Allograft processing
  • Intervertebral implants
  • Spinal balance imaging
  • Dynamic stabilization options
  • Spinal biomechanics
  • High-risk patient protocols
  • Hyperbaric oxygen treatment for spinal disorders
  • Strategies for improving both short- and long-term postoperative outcomes

At many of FORE’s events, participants can not only discuss evidence-based best practices and emerging treatment options, but also gain hands-on experience with new spine surgery techniques. Each conference features a unique combination of presentations, debates, lectures, demonstrations, case studies and workshops, with an emphasis on collaborative learning and discussion. We understand that to retain the maximum amount of information, it’s crucial to not only listen, but to actually do – and this is evident in the deliberate design of every course we create.

For a full list of all upcoming conferences or to register for a specific event, contact the Foundation for Orthopaedic Research and Education. We can help you reserve your spot at a spine surgery conference near you.