FORE Offers a Variety of Spine Conference Options for Surgeons, Physicians and Other Orthopedic Professionals

Spine Conference

Medical professionals who specialize in spine care can attend a conference provided by FORE – the Foundation for Orthopedic Research and Education – to improve their capabilities. Orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, physicians, physical therapists, surgical residents and fellows, nurses, rehabilitation specialists and all other orthopedic professionals are welcome at FORE’s spine conferences, which are held all throughout the year at various destinations throughout the United States.

Attending a FORE spine conference is an ideal way to gain tools for more effectively:

  • Recognizing the symptoms of spinal stenosis, scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, sciatica and other spinal conditions
  • Evaluating the available options for diagnostic imaging, selecting the most appropriate strategies and interpreting the results
  • Implementing the latest techniques for lumbar, cervical and thoracic spine surgery
  • Refining clinical decision-making strategies and making better, evidence-based treatment recommendations for their patients
  • Gaining real-life experience with novel surgical technologies and treatment modalities

While there are countless choices for orthopedic CME, there are several advantages that only a FORE spine conference can provide. FORE’s events, for example, are designed for a smaller and more intimate audience, yielding more opportunities for discussion and collaboration. Additionally, FORE’s faculty and staff include some of the top names in spine care, with only the most experienced and relevant individuals selected as speakers for FORE’s events. Additionally, FORE is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME).

For more information about FORE’s orthopedic classes or to register for an upcoming spine conference, contact the Foundation for Orthopedic Research and Education today.