Attend the Selby Spine or Castellvi Spine Conference to Discover New Surgical and Nonsurgical Treatments

Spine Conference

Spine care specialists can add new skills to their repertoire by attending one of the continuing medical education classes provided by FORE – The Foundation for Orthopaedic Research and Education. Our conferences review both surgical and nonsurgical techniques, making them appropriate for a wide audience. Surgeons, nonoperative clinicians, rehabilitation therapists and allied health providers are all welcome to attend our events, which include both the annual Selby Spine Conference and the annual Castellvi Spine Conference.

What you’ll learn at a FORE spine conference

Our spine conferences feature in-depth discussions of topics such as:

  • The varying success rates of different surgical implants
  • The validity of full body scans and other diagnostic technologies
  • The newest surgical navigation systems
  • The clinical evidence for and against the use of spinal biologics
  • The most effective ways to lower complication rates
  • The best protocol for handling high-risk patients

FORE’s conferences also touch on non-clinical concerns, such as the latest updates to billing, professional development and medical liability insurance. This well-rounded approach offers participants the unique opportunity to cover a wide range of material within an accelerated time frame. And, with abundant opportunities for discussion, debate and even hands-on skills development, our conferences are designed for a high level of information retention and practicality.

Register for our orthopedic meetings today

Call, mail, or submit your online registration today. Our conferences are accredited by the ACCME; you can claim CME credits commensurate with your participation in each spine conference.