Are You Searching for a Shoulder Conference to Attend in 2019?

At the Foundation for Orthopedic Research and Education (FORE), we’re proud to be hosting the 25th annual meeting of our Tampa Shoulder Course. This three-day shoulder conference, scheduled for February 7th– 9th 2019 in Tampa, Florida, will provide attendees with a useful overview of the latest recommendations for treating a range of shoulder and elbow disorders. Purposefully designed to have a diverse format, the course is intended to provide a varied and engaging educational experience through didactic presentations, live surgeries, group debates and case reviews. Attendees can also participate in an optional pre-course bioskills lab to gain valuable hands-on experience with new techniques and technologies.

Course Subject Matter

In preparing our shoulder conference for 2019 and all the other conferences we organize, we aim to cover the subjects that are most useful to the orthopedic professionals in attendance. For instance, we dedicate an entire day of this conference to key issues related to shoulder arthroplasty (anatomic and reverse), with topics of discussion that include:

  • Pre-operative planning
  • Utilizing new innovation
  • Anatomic design concepts
  • Managing humeral bone loss
  • Addressing infected shoulder arthroplasty

Given the frequency at which athletes experience shoulder and elbow conditions, another day of our shoulder conference for 2019 is focused exclusively on sports medicine issues. Attendees can expect to explore the following subjects through the lens of sports medicine:

  • Anterior instability
  • The remplissage technique
  • Glenoid bone loss
  • Posterior shoulder instability

Accommodations Information

Held at a convenient location in downtown Tampa, with the pre-course bioskills lab taking place at our nearby Five Labs facility, this conference is a practical choice for orthopedic professionals from across the country. Both portions of the event are held just a short distance from Tampa International Airport and other useful amenities. We have also booked a block of group-rate rooms at a nearby hotel to make the experience of attending this conference even easier.

Contact FORE today if you would like to learn more about our shoulder conference for 2019 or any of the other courses listed on our schedule of events.