Orthopedic Surgery Conferences and CME Events

Orthopedic Surgery Conferences

Each year, FORE hosts a robust schedule of orthopedic surgery conferences, welcoming medical professionals from all parts of the nation. Our surgical conferences offer orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons, as well as residents and fellows, abundant opportunities to explore new approaches and gain hands-on experience with new techniques. This makes it much simpler to integrate novel treatments into one’s surgical practice, while also increasing the likelihood of better outcomes.

Specialized surgery conferences for orthopedic professionals

The majority of FORE’s orthopedic surgery conferences focus on a specific aspect of the field, such as spine surgery or foot and ankle surgery. Today’s approach to healthcare emphasizes higher levels of specialization, so our surgical training events allow attendees to focus their efforts on procedures and diagnoses that are most prevalent in their own personal practices.

The agenda for each conference is carefully designed to highlight current best practices, emerging strategies and engaging controversies. Together with some of the most respected names in the field, attendees can discuss:

  • Strategies for determining if and when surgical treatment is appropriate
  • Techniques for reducing intra- and post-operative complications, such as infection and blood loss
  • Common challenges that accompany specific surgical procedures and how to rise above them
  • The most appropriate ways to integrate novel navigation systems and imaging technologies into their practice

Register for FORE’s Orthopedic Events

Once you’ve decided which of our orthopedic surgery conferences you’d like to attend, feel free to call in or mail your official registration. We also offer convenient online registration options for most of our events.