Attend FORE’s Arthroplasty Disaster Orthopedic Conference in Miami, FL

Orthopedic Conference Miami FLIn many educational situations, the standard is to study “good” cases in which the ideal outcome is achieved. However, there can also be value in looking at “bad” cases to prepare practitioners for handling difficult situations when they occur. At the Foundation for Orthopaedic Research and Education (FORE), we recognize the value of educating practitioners on instances of poor surgical outcomes. Through our Arthroplasty Disaster International Conference – a biennial orthopedic conference held in Miami – we help prepare orthopedic professionals for treating especially challenging complex reconstruction and orthopedic infection cases.

Participants will learn strategies for handling these difficult cases from internationally recognized experts on orthopedic revisions and musculoskeletal oncology. A major focus of this event will be familiarizing learners with techniques and technologies that can help them to address challenging cases in their own practice. In addition to exploring these issues through faculty presentations, there will be ample time allotted for group discussions so that participants can fully engage with this material. The goal will be to have attendees examine these issues and reach a consensus on how to best treat the complex cases being discussed.

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If you’re interested in attending our Arthroplasty Disaster International Conference, the easiest way for you to secure your place at this event is by completing the registration process online. You also have the option of registering over the phone or through the mail. Contact FORE today if you would like additional information about this orthopedic conference or could use assistance with your registration.