Orthopedic CME Conferences Provided by FORE – the Foundation for Orthopaedic Research and Education

Orthopedic CME Conferences

The orthopedic CME conferences provided by the Foundation for Orthopaedic Research and Education (FORE) are dynamic opportunities for medical professionals to continue their clinical education in person. Hosted throughout the year in some of the top cities across the United States – from Miami, Florida, to Coronado, California, FORE’s conferences are easily accessible for busy surgeons, physicians, physical therapists and nurses, no matter their schedule or professional area of expertise.

Receive a Well-Rounded Educational Experience

As an exclusive provider of orthopedic CME events, FORE strives to create specialized learning experiences that blend:

  • Traditional didactic lectures and presentations
  • Engaging Q&A sessions and panel debates
  • Hands-on opportunities for participants

Of special interest are our surgical skills workshops and technique demonstrations (at select conferences), which complement our educational sessions and allow participants to gain a first-hand understanding of the principles in question. While featured topics will vary from one event to the next, past orthopedic CME conferences have highlighted novel surgical implants, computer-guided instrumentation, minimally invasive surgical approaches and other emerging techniques.

The faculty and speakers at FORE’s conferences are widely recognized as some of the top names in orthopedic research, clinical practice and device design. These distinguished professionals will share their own strategies for injury diagnosis, treatment selection and complication management, drawing upon personal experiences to help conference attendees improve their own capabilities.

Find Conferences that Relate to Your Professional Practice

As part of our mission to be a resource for all orthopedic professionals, we hold CME conferences for virtually every major specialty within orthopedic medicine. The faculty at these events are carefully selected for their knowledge of the specific topics that are being discussed, and there’s plenty of time allotted for group discussions so that attendees can interact in a meaningful manner with others who share the same area of focus. We have entire events dedicated to areas of specialization such as:

• Trauma and fracture
• Spine
• Foot and ankle
• Hand and upper extremity
• Orthopedic research
• Sports medicine
• Orthopedics for primary care practitioners

If you would like to review our current calendar of orthopedic CME conferences, you can access it here. From that page, you can find a write-up for each individual course, and many of the courses that are happening in the near future will also have a detailed agenda posted showing exactly what topics the course will cover.

How to Register

To register for one of our upcoming orthopedic CME conferences or to request additional information about our speakers, sessions or accreditation, contact the Foundation for Orthopaedic Research and Education. We have many years of experience pairing orthopedic professionals with the ideal educational experiences for their interests, and we’re certain that we can recommend conferences among our schedule that you will find useful and engaging. You can reach us either by calling (813) 877-8096 or by emailing info@foreonline.org. We look forward to speaking with you.