Orthopaedics Education Courses Offered in Top Destinations Across the United States

Orthopaedics EducationIn the years since first offering CME conferences in 2006, the Foundation for Orthopaedic Research and Education (FORE) has become regarded as one of the country’s premier providers of orthopaedics education. We hold continuing education conferences in locations throughout the country, including New York, Chicago, Detroit, San Diego, Atlanta, Miami, Tampa and the Florida Keys. With a schedule of events that includes many conferences focused on specific subspecialties, we offer orthopaedics education courses for virtually all areas of professional interest within orthopaedic medicine.

Reasons to Attend a FORE Conference

FORE is considered the preferred provider of CME conferences for many orthopaedic professionals, and for good reason. These participants appreciate our emphasis on:

High-Quality Content

Since we focus exclusively on orthopaedics education (unlike CME providers that also organize events for other subject areas), we believe we do a better job of planning events that participants find useful and engaging. Our events feature true thought leaders in their respective fields teaching lesson plans that are rebuilt annually to reflect the latest treatment recommendations and technologies.

Collaborative Learning

While we feel that people can certainly learn a lot from lecture-based events, we aim to maximize participant engagement at our conferences. Learners can interact freely with presenters through Q&A sessions to discuss the material being presented and benefit from the collective experience of those in attendance.

Hands-On Workshops

When learning about a new surgical technique or technology, there’s no substitute for firsthand experience. That’s why many of our orthopaedics education courses include a hands-on workshop component at which participants can receive instruction from the expert faculty and put the information they’ve learned to use.

How to Register

You can click here to see the list of upcoming conferences we have scheduled. If you find an orthopaedics education course you would like to attend, you have the option to complete the registration process online, over the phone or by mail. Please feel free to contact our team if you would like any assistance finding an educational opportunity that fits your scope of practice.