Explore Challenging Cases at FORE’s Arthroplasty Disaster Orthopaedic Seminar in Miami, FL

Orthopedic Seminar Miami FLFORE’s Arthroplasty Disaster International Conference provides orthopedic professionals with the opportunity to study the most challenging complex reconstruction and orthopaedic infection cases. The goal of this event is to better prepare practitioners for the difficulties that can arise during surgery. The course features world-renowned experts on orthopaedic revisions and musculoskeletal oncology presenting challenging cases and examining the techniques and technologies that can help in such situations. Throughout this two-day orthopaedic seminar, which is being held in Miami, Florida, learners are encouraged to debate these issues and reach a consensus on how best to treat the complex cases being discussed. Specific topics of discussion will include:

  • Weighing different surgical treatment options for complex reconstructions
  • Utilizing the best technology available for challenging infection cases
  • Reviewing the latest clinical findings on complex reconstruction outcomes
  • Understanding the post-operative complications that commonly follow reconstruction surgery

Why Attend a FORE Conference

Since 2006, FORE has been a trusted provider of orthopedic-focused medical conferences. We hold a wide range of events every year, which are continually updated with new topics and speakers to ensure that attendees receive the most relevant information available. At these conferences, we place a heavy emphasis on participant engagement so that attendees can interact directly with presenters and benefit from the knowledge of their peers. In this way, learners can gain a deeper understanding of the material being discussed and can more easily implement what they’ve learned into their own practice.

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