Orthopaedic Meetings Held in Top Destinations Across the United States

Orthopaedic MeetingsWhen orthopaedic surgeons and other orthopaedic healthcare professionals want to learn about the latest techniques and technologies used to treat orthopaedic disorders, they turn to the Foundation for Orthopaedic Research and Education (FORE). Unlike many continuing education providers, FORE focuses exclusively on orthopaedics and, therefore, has a greater understanding of how to plan orthopaedic meetings that attendees will find useful and engaging.

With conferences held throughout the year on a variety of sub-specialties, FORE’s schedule includes course offerings for nearly all areas of interest.

Sports Medicine

  • Winter SKS: Shoulder, Knee & Sports (Snowbird, Utah)
  • Detroit Regional Sports Medicine Symposium (Plymouth, Michigan)
  • FORE/AANA World Series of Live Surgery (Chicago, Illinois)
  • Baseball Sports Medicine: Game-Changing Concepts (New York, New York)


  • Orthopaedic Trauma & Fracture Care: Pushing the Envelope (San Diego, California)
  • Atlanta Trauma Symposium (Atlanta, Georgia)
  • Trauma 101: Fracture Care for the Community Orthopedist and Orthopaedic PA & NP (Clearwater, Florida)
  • Current Solutions in Orthopaedic Trauma (Tampa, Florida)


  • Selby Spine (Park City, Utah)
  • Castellvi Spine (Key West, Florida)

Upper Extremity

  • Tampa Shoulder Course (Tampa, Florida)
  • Frontiers in Upper Extremity Surgery (Tampa, Florida)

Lower Extremity

  • Current Solutions in Foot & Ankle Surgery (Tampa, Florida)

General Orthopaedics

  • Orthopaedic Research Day (Tampa, Florida)
  • Orthopaedics for the Primary Care Practitioner & Rehabilitation Therapist (Clearwater, Florida)

What to Expect When You Attend a FORE Conference

Planned by orthopaedic specialists for orthopaedic specialists, FORE’s conferences deliver relevant information that participants can readily apply to their day-to-day practice. Attend a FORE course and benefit from:

The Latest Evidence-Based Treatment Recommendations

Orthopaedic surgeons and other orthopaedic healthcare professionals rely on research, training, and advances in technology to inform their approach to patient care. By attending FORE’s conferences, practitioners can easily stay abreast of the latest developments.

We continually update the subject matter presented at our annual conferences to reflect the most significant new research findings. For this reason, attendees continue to benefit from our meetings year after year, no matter how many times they attend.

Hands-On Participant Engagement

Listening to expert presentations is a great way to learn the latest on a topic. This training is even more effective when paired with interactive question-and-answer sessions and group discussions that enable learners to engage fully with the subject material being presented. Compared with many other continuing education conferences, FORE’s orthopaedic meetings stand out for their emphasis on participant engagement. We give attendees ample time to interact with faculty members and encourage them to ask plenty of questions.

Many of our orthopaedic meetings also include hands-on bioskills workshops that allow participants to explore new techniques in a controlled laboratory setting. Attendees can hone their skills under the supervision of expert faculty who have already mastered the procedures and can provide guidance throughout the process.

Register Today

View FORE’s schedule of upcoming orthopaedic meetings here. Once you find a conference you would like to attend, you can complete your registration online in minutes. If you have questions, please contact FORE by phone at (813) 877-8096 or by email at info@foreonline.org.