How to Perform an Arthroscopic Shoulder Stabilization

How to Perform an Arthroscopic Shoulder StabilizationFor athletes and non-athletes alike, the shoulder – the most mobile joint in the body – can dislocate from a sports-related injury, non-sports trauma such as from a motor vehicle accident, or a fall. Fortunately, contemporary surgical techniques for addressing shoulder instability have proven effective in restoring shoulder function and relieving pain, as well as helping athletes return to playing sports at a high level.

One such advance in treatment is arthroscopic shoulder stabilization, which uses suture anchors to repair and tighten the ligaments that have been damaged by dislocation. Orthopaedic surgeons and other healthcare professionals who are interested in expanding their knowledge of the arthroscopic shoulder stabilization procedure can do so at the FORE/AANA World Series of Live Surgery in Chicago. This 3-day conference features internationally recognized surgeons performing live demonstrations of more than 10 sports medicine-related orthopaedic procedures, including arthroscopic shoulder stabilization.

Learn the Latest Arthroscopic Shoulder Stabilization Techniques

When looking to master a new surgical technique, there’s no substitute for seeing exactly how it’s meant to be performed. During the FORE/AANA World Series of Live Surgery conference, attendees will observe an arthroscopic shoulder stabilization with step-by-step narration from the experienced surgeon performing the procedure. The surgeon will share all pertinent details about the patient and the technique, providing conference attendees with a valuable case study of the arthroscopic shoulder stabilization procedure.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Indications for surgery
  • Portal placement
  • Surgical technique
  • Instruments needed for the procedure

Other Live Broadcasts from the FORE/AANA World Series of Live Surgery

In addition to arthroscopic shoulder stabilization, the FORE/AANA World Series of Live Surgery conference will include real-time demonstrations of many other shoulder, knee, and hip procedures, including:

  • Single- and double-row rotator cuff repair
  • Superior capsular reconstruction
  • ACL reconstruction with augmentation
  • MPFL reconstruction
  • Hip arthroscopy for FAI

Presentations, Case Studies, and Panel Discussions

The conference will also feature presentations on shoulder, knee, and hip topics, providing orthopaedic surgeons and other healthcare professionals specializing in sports medicine with meaningful updates on many contemporary, evidence-based treatments. The presentations will address:

  • First-time shoulder instability
  • Rehabilitation recommendations for in-season athletes with shoulder instability
  • Non-operative management of rotator cuff tears
  • Tendon transfers for massive rotator cuff repairs
  • Evaluation and management of articular cartilage lesions
  • Evidence and options for using biologics for knee cartilage deficiencies
  • ACL graft options and indications
  • ACL outcomes for young athletes versus other patients
  • Hip kinematics and pathomechanics
  • Rehabilitation from hip arthroscopy and open hip surgery

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