How to Perform an Arthroscopic Bony Bankart Repair

Techniques for performing arthroscopic bony Bankart repair have improved a great deal over the years. Current arthroscopic approaches for addressing bony Bankart lesions are able to produce strong outcomes in regard to postoperative shoulder function. For surgeons whose scope of practice includes bony Bankart repair, it can be beneficial to learn about the latest recommended methods for performing this procedure from leaders in arthroscopic shoulder surgery. If this type of educational opportunity interests you, consider attending FORE’s Winter SKS: Shoulder, Knee & Sports conference.

At this four-day conference held in Snowbird, Utah, attendees can expect to learn about the latest recommendations for addressing bony Bankart lesions and many other orthopaedic conditions. A distinguished faculty consisting of surgeons, instructors and researchers will guide the group through an examination of topics ranging from the Remplissage technique, Latarjet procedure and repair of large shoulder defects, as well as many treatments for the hip and knee. As with any conference we organize, we will include a large portion of time for question-and-answer sessions and other interactive elements so that attendees can engage fully with the material being presented and have all their questions answered.

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