A Hand CME Course Provided by FORE, the Foundation for Orthopedic Research and Education

Hand CME

Medical professionals interested in hand CME opportunities can attend the Frontiers in Upper Extremity Surgery conference provided by FORE, the Foundation for Orthopedic Research and Education. Hosted in Tampa, Florida, from November 4 – November 5, 2016, this upper extremity conference provides comprehensive, up-to-date education pertaining to hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder surgery.

At FORE, we design hand CME courses that change each year; this allows us to provide attendees with the most engaging and relevant information. However, common areas of focus include:

• Surgical and rehabilitative techniques
• Nonsurgical techniques for managing fractures, arthritis, and other hand ailments
• Advanced diagnostic imaging principles
• Updates and improvements to current surgical technologies
• Current protocol for treating both common and complex conditions

Prior to the start of the lectures, we offer attendees the unique opportunity to participate in cadaver lab sessions, including a ligament repair and reconstruction session and a nerve repair session. This hands-on experience makes it possible for attendees to put into practice new concepts in elbow, wrist and hand surgery while accruing CME credit hours. Additionally, participants have numerous opportunities to discuss principles and techniques with our esteemed faculty. At FORE, we are committed to making CME come to life – the primary reason that our courses incorporate more than just lectures and exhibitions.

To learn more about our upcoming hand CME opportunities, contact FORE today. Our upper extremity conference is open to surgeons, physicians, rehabilitation specialists, nurses, and other professionals in the field of orthopedics.