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Day 1 – SATURDAY, November 5, 2015

Session I: Arthritis
Carpometacarpal Degenerative Joint Disease Michael J. Garcia, MD
Wrist Degenerative Joint Disease Alfred V. Hess, MD
Finger Degenerative Joint Disease Jeffrey D. Stone, MD
Rheumatoid Arthritis Barry P. Simmons, MD
DRUJ Luis Scheker, MD
Session II: Trauma
Distal Radius Fracture Michael Bednar, MD
Hand Fracture Jason Nydick, DO
Carpal Fracture/ Nonunion Kristopher Avant, DO
Experience in Armed Forces Jason Nydick, DO
Session III: Nerve
CTS/ CUTS Michael Bednar, MD
Nerve Repair/ Transfers Philip Blazar, MD
Brachial Plexus Donald Bae, MD
Session IV: Keynote Speakers
Travel and Medicine Terry Light, MD
Running a Fellowship Barry P. Simmons, MD
Organizing Research in Practice Philip Blazar, MD
Session V: Pediatric Upper Extremity
Congenital Hand Update Terry Light, MD
Sports Injury- Peds Donald Bae, MD
MHE Michael J. Garcia, MD
Pediatric Trauma Alfred V. Hess, MD

Day 2 – SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 2015

Session VII: Shoulder & Elbow
Ultrasound Brian Jurbala, MD
Instability and the Contact Athlete Ioannis Pappou, MD
Tricks Tips and Techniques in Elbow Arthroplasty Kristopher Avant, DO
Distal Bicep Repair Ioannis Pappou, MD
Strategies for Rotator Cuff Repair  Mark Mighell, MD
Elbow Fractures  Francisco Rubio, MD