FORE’s Foot Surgery Conference Held in Tampa, Florida

In the years since we first began offering continuing education courses in 2006, FORE has become regarded as one of the premier providers of

orthopaedic conferences. We’re proud that professionals in this field seek out our courses to find useful and engaging educational opportunities related to their particular subspecialties. An excellent example of our specialized courses is our foot surgery conference called Current Solutions for Foot & Ankle Surgery. At this event, held at our innovative FIVE Labs facility in Tampa, Florida, attendees can learn about the latest advancements from surgeons and researchers at the forefront of their respective fields.

Our foot surgery conference will cover a broad range of evidence-based recommendations related to diagnosing and treating common foot and ankle conditions. Specific topics of discussion will include management of cavovarus hindfoot, flatfoot, vallus valgus, Charcot arthropathy and other issues. The course faculty will present this information through didactic lectures, interactive panel discussions and case studies, with ample time allotted for question-and-answer sessions. Attendees will also be able to engage with the material through multiple hands-on workshops in our world-class bioskills lab. This way, they can immediately put to use the new techniques they’ve learned and gain valuable firsthand experience.

Making Arrangements to Attend this Course

FORE makes it as convenient as possible for you to participate in our continuing education conferences and then return home to your practice to implement what you have learned. We make a point to schedule courses, such as our foot surgery conference, near airports and other useful amenities to help your trip go smoothly. And, with most of our conferences, we also arrange group-rate hotel rooms at a nearby hotel. Please contact us if you have any questions about our foot surgery conference or these hotel accommodations. You can register for this event by completing the process online, over the phone or by mail.