We Offer CME for Orthopaedics in Top Destinations Across the United States

CME OrthopaedicsIf you are an orthopaedic surgeon or some other healthcare professional whose scope of practice includes orthopaedic medicine and you are looking for your next continuing education opportunity, then you have come to the right place. The Foundation for Orthopaedic Research and Education (FORE) is a nonprofit organization that offers a broad variety of orthopaedic-focused conferences throughout the year. One quality that distinguishes us from other conference organizers is that we exclusively hold CME events related to orthopaedics, and we believe this specialized focus enables us to do a better job of creating educational experiences that orthopaedic professionals find useful and engaging. Our conferences are popular due to their:

Expert Presenters

We work hard to secure the most qualified faculty members for our events. Our CME conferences for orthopaedics are led by surgeons, researchers and educators, all selected for their mastery of the subject matter being discussed. As a result, you’ll learn from the professionals who are the most capable of providing meaningful insight into the latest techniques and technologies.

Specialized Areas of Study

No matter your area of specialization, we almost certainly offer relevant courses for you. We offer conferences focused on many different specific subject areas, including trauma, spine, lower extremity, upper extremity and sports medicine. This way, attendees can take a deep dive into the subject matter that’s the most pertinent for their personal practice.

Interactive Focus

While a lot can certainly be learned by attending presentations, we have found that people typically benefit the most when they can engage with the subject material in a more direct manner. This is why we include hands-on workshops in our CME conferences for orthopaedics whenever appropriate so that attendees can gain real-life experience using the techniques and technologies being presented. Even in our events that don’t include skills workshops, we allocate a high amount of time for question-and-answer sessions and other activities that enable attendees to engage with presenters to share their experiences and benefit from the collective knowledge of everyone in attendance.

Learn About Our Upcoming Events

Click here to review a listing of FORE’s upcoming CME conferences for orthopaedics. If you see an event you would like to attend, you can complete the registration online, over the phone or by mail.