Expand Your Arthroscopy Skills at a Course Provided by FORE

Arthroscopy Course

Attending an arthroscopy course provided by the Foundation for Orthopaedic Research and Education (FORE) is an ideal way to enhance your surgical skill set as you learn from some of today’s leaders in arthroscopic surgery.

Each arthroscopy course designed by FORE features a unique and highly engaging combination of session, including interactive discussion panels, didactic presentations, case studies, Q&As, and surgical demonstrations. You can also choose a course that features a hands-on component, such as bioskills labs, so that you can gain additional experience with emerging techniques and technologies.

Reasons to Attend a FORE Conference

By the end of a FORE arthroscopy course, you’ll be better equipped to:

  • Develop and implement evidence-based strategies for the arthroscopic treatment of shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, and ankle injuries
  • Determine which patients are good candidates for arthroscopic surgery and which patients would be better served by non-surgical therapies
  • Implement the latest strategies for improving patient outcomes while limiting complications
  • Provide comprehensive recommendations for postoperative rehabilitation

Upcoming Arthroscopy Conferences

FORE holds conferences throughout the year that explore arthroscopy topics through the lens of different subspecialties, enabling practitioners to learn about advances in a way that relates to their day-to-day practice.


Undergoing an arthroscopic procedure can help athletes at all levels of competition get back in the game. Conferences provided by FORE that address management of sports-related injuries include:

  • Baseball Sports Medicine: Game-Changing Concepts (New York, New York)
  • OrthoVirginia Soccer Medicine (Leesburg, Virginia)
  • Detroit Sports Medicine Symposium (Plymouth, Michigan)

Upper Extremity

Surgeons who specialize in treating the shoulder, elbow, wrist, or hand will find value in attending FORE’s upper extremity conferences and learning more about arthroscopic procedures:

  • Tampa Shoulder Course: Arthroplasty & Sports (Tampa, Florida)
  • Critical Concepts in Shoulder & Elbow Surgery (Las Vegas, Nevada)
  • Frontiers in Upper Extremity Surgery (Tampa, Florida)

These courses feature presentations and group discussions on a variety of arthroscopy topics, as well as bioskills labs that enable participants to gain useful experience with new arthroscopic techniques.

Lower Extremity

Faculty at FORE’s Current Solutions in Foot & Ankle Surgery (Tampa, Florida) conference describe the arthroscopic treatment of many common and complex foot and ankle conditions. Past years have included presentations on fractures, osteoarthritis, and soft tissue injuries.


Arthroscopic spine surgery is a growing and constantly evolving field. Spine surgeons and neurosurgeons can stay apprised of the latest developments in arthroscopic spine surgery by attending FORE’s spine surgery conferences:

  • Selby Spine Conference (Park City, Utah)
  • Castellvi Spine Symposium (Duck Key, Florida)

These arthroscopy courses educate attendees on relevant techniques, technologies, and decision-making strategies, including indications for recommending minimally invasive versus open procedures.


Attendance at a FORE conference can be applied toward your CME requirements. Our conferences are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), and you may claim credits commensurate with your participation.

For More Information

If you have questions about any of our conferences, please contact the Foundation for Orthopaedic Research and Education at info@foreonline.org.