Learn About New Advances in Arthroplasty at a Conference Provided by FORE

Arthroplasty Conference

Orthopaedic surgeons and other orthopaedic healthcare professionals interested in arthroplasty can attend conferences provided by the Foundation for Orthopaedic Research and Education (FORE) to expand their skills. Several of our annual courses focused on hip, knee, and shoulder surgery include sessions dedicated to arthroplasty and related topics. These presentations are updated for each conference to reflect the most relevant advances in orthopaedics, with typical discussions including:

  • Clinical outcomes for the newest surgical implants
  • Reducing complication rates
  • New techniques and surgical pearls
  • Potential alternatives to arthroplasty
  • Cost considerations

Find Your Next CME Opportunity

The following FORE conferences have traditionally included an arthroplasty component:

Tampa Shoulder Course

This conference provides a broad overview of current recommendations regarding conservative treatment, arthroplasty, arthroscopy, and fracture management for the shoulder and elbow. Past years have included presentations, cadaveric demonstrations, and hands-on workshops on anatomic and reverse total shoulder arthroplasty.

Critical Concepts in Shoulder & Elbow Surgery

One of our newest conferences, Critical Concepts in Shoulder & Elbow Surgery is designed to provide a focused update on shoulder and elbow topics across the spectrum of sports medicine, trauma, and arthroplasty through a combination of didactic presentations, interactive case-based panel discussions, surgical videos, and lively debates.

Frontiers in Upper Extremity Surgery

This course is intended update surgeons and orthopaedic healthcare professionals on treatment options and outcomes for a variety of common and complex hand and upper extremity conditions, such as wrist arthroplasty.

Current Solutions in Foot & Ankle Surgery

Orthopaedic surgeons who specialize in treating the foot and ankle can learn about current methods of diagnosis and treatment at FORE’s Current Solutions in Foot & Ankle Surgery conference. Attendees will expand their knowledge of arthroplasty techniques, surgical implants, foot deformity correction, and revision procedures through a series of lectures, panel discussions, and skills workshops.

Why Attend a FORE Conference?

Our conferences not only include presentations on today’s most relevant orthopaedic treatments and technologies, but they also provide plenty of opportunity for technique development and one-on-one dialogue. Attendees at our FORE arthroplasty conferences can confer with leading orthopaedic surgeons to discuss some of the most complex situations faced during surgery, leaving the course with valuable insight into the best strategies for addressing their patients’ needs.

To learn more about our upcoming arthroplasty conferences, contact FORE at info@foreonline.org.